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73rd Surveillance Airplane Company (SAC)
aka: 73d Aviation Company (AS)

210th Combat Aviation Battalion
12th Combat Aviation Group
1st Aviation Brigade
APO San Francisco 96291



image Welcome to the 73rd SAC Home Page. Hey fellow Mohawkers! If you have made it this far... you probably got here by using a search engine - or, you might have arrived here by the means of a handy link from another page somewhere. And for those of you that came here by the way of the 90th Replacement, we wish your stay at the 90th was pleasant, and welcome to the 73rd Surveillance Airplane Company (SAC). By whatever means... Welcome! What all this means, is you must have some sort of interest in the 73rd SAC. Not many people know what the 73rd is all about... except, maybe you and I.

There were many units in Vietnam from all branches of the service, with many specialized, unique, and different missions. The 73rd SAC was a unit with a very specialized mission of its own. Hopefully, this page will clearify any misconceptions and/or misunderstandings you may of had about what the 73rd SAC was all about. I've received a few e-mails, some from... Vietnam Vets and some from other readers of this page... telling me that they were aware of the unit, but never fully understood what the unit (and/or the Mohawk) was all about. At the time, the mission of the unit was kept very quiet (classified). A lot of information about the 73rd SAC, the OV-1, and it's mission, has been de-classified over the years. Most of the information on this page can be (and some of it was...) found in any public library.

In Memorium

This page would be incomplete, without homage to those who gave their lives defending the principals of democracy, therefore this page is dedicated to all the officers and men who have served, or have given their lives, to end the threat of communist oppression in the Republic of Vietnam. In solemn memory of the Soldiers of USARV, other U.S. Armed Forces, Allied Forces, and those of the 73d SAC who gave their lives in the Republic of Vietnam; they shall not be forgotten.

In Memory

This page has been progressing slowly since it's inception in August, 1996. Thank you to all of you that have contributed information to this page, this page would not be possible without your help. I'm starting to accumulate a lot of material from what you have supplied me with. Keep it coming! I will post the information as soon as I can. I've assembled a bookmark section to other "related" sites. If you would like to see any "other" bookmarks on this page... please forward the info to me.

UPDATE:The "Night Shift" page is up and running.

I served with the 73rd from March 68 until March 69 working as a "Crew Chief" on the flight line... nights. For more info, please read my BIO.


A little bit about what my intentions are going to be with this page. I would like to keep this page primarily focused on the 73rd SAC. The years covered will depend on what kind of info I can gather, and/or what you provide me with. The contents of this page will also cover related areas of interest, such as some background info on the Mohawk and it's systems, etc. The 73rd SAC was formed through the merging of the 4th ASTA, the 23 SWAD, and the 73rd Surveillance and Reconnaissance Company, "O-1's" (5th Inf Div). Due to the merging of these units, they will be covered also, depending on what information becomes available.

On July 18, 1964, General William C. Westmoreland in ceremonies at Nha Trang awarded the 73d Aviation Company (AS)(Lt) the Meritorious Unit Citation as approved by the CG, USMACV on 19 March 1964. The 73d's award was the first presented to a unit since the Korean War and was the 1st aviation unit to receive it in Vietnam.

There have been plans for a "Guest Book" since the inception of this page. It is with great pleasure to announce the opening of the 73rd SAC Guest Book. Part of the intentions for a Guest Book page has been to make it possible for prior members of these units mentioned to "find" each other. Please feel free to scan over the previous entries... maybe you'll find an old friend!


If you would like to see this page expanded... please send your contributions (stories, pics, etc., contact information for the contact page) to the comment page (see link below). Or you can mail pictures, stories, etc., to: 73rd SAC Home Page, P.O. Box 11643, Tucson, Arizona 85734-1643

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Downtown Vung Tau - 1969

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Long Thanh Army Airfield

Click on the above photo for a larger view -- Warning - 624k! Also... the photo is very WIDE (4382 X 1000). The photo is a bit in the "rough," but very nicely illustrates the layout of Long Thanh Army Airfield. The 73rd SAC facility is on the right side of the photo.

Just 73rd SAC portion of image... 166K (1494 X 767).

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Contact: John E. Akers - Editor
John @ 73rd flight line, Vung Tau, 68 - dude on left
John Akers was killed in a hit and run
accident on May 23, 2013 while on his way to work


This is an image of George Briedis and I (I'm the one on the left) on the 73rd flight line (1968), waiting for the "A" models to return from their "day" visual missions. This was a daily event, right after we reported for work on the night shift. The picture was taken in late afternoon. The two dogs, Rocket & Snoopy, were the "Company Dogs" (they spent a lot of time on the flight line). I hope to have a seperate page dedicated to Rocket & Snoopy later... as soon as I can get to it. I've just recently located George after not knowing his whereabouts for the last 30 years. He has since left an entry in the Guestbook. For more info, please read my BIO.

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The 73rd SAC "Patch" included on this page is from the collection of Chris Miller, with 35mm photo work provided by John Hairell. Digital imaging, image editing, transparency work, and HTML work done by John Akers. The patch would not be possible without the coordination efforts of Dennis Buley (middle man). Again...

A Special Thank You To:

Chris Miller (who owns the patches)
John Hairell (who took the photos)
...and Dennis Buley (a helpful friend)

... and A Special Thank You To:

Howard Ohlson

Howard has been an invaluable help with this page. He has spent countless hours doing research in the Washington, D.C. area for the success of this page. Howard served with the 73rd Aviation Company (AS) from 1966-1968, IR (Red Haze).

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